Village News

Due to icy road conditions, Mason County Garbage will not be picking up LakeLand Village garbage this week (December 21, 2022). Next week, free double service will be provided. If you have weekly service, you may put out extra garbage at no charge to make up for this week. If you have every other week service and this was your week to be picked up, you may put out your cans next week at no additional charge. Double recycling will also be at no charge on the next recycling pick up day.

In other words, bring in your trash cans. They won’t be picked up for a week.



Mason County Sheriff’s Office reports monthly in Citizen’s Meetings. Board Member Maureen Allen attends. First Thursday meetings are at Spencer Lake in Shelton at 8:30 am. Second Thursday meetings are at Burger Claim in Belfair at 7:30 am.

Monthly Sheriff’s Reports

October 2022 Sheriff’s Meeting